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Aug. 13th, 2017 02:26 pm
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So there's a movie on Netflix called "The Incredible Jessica James." It's a wonderful movie about an artist, a playwright, who's trying to figure out what being a playwright means. She's a self-confident female role model with a great queer friend and humorously meaningful interactions with a guy she accidentally starts dating (example: they decide to follow each other's exes on instagram so that they can each unfollow their own without worrying about missing something - they promise to tell each other if anything happens that they should know about, but otherwise, they no longer have to look at a constant reminder of the person they're not with).

The most memorable part of the movie for me was when Jessica finally meets her playwright idol, Sarah Jones, at a writing camp she takes her students to. And she gets a chance to ask Sarah something she's clearly been thinking about for a long time. (The following is paraphrased.)

Jessica: "How did you know when you'd made it?"
Sarah: "When they send me the memo, I'll let you know."
Jessica: "But you won a Tony!"
Sarah: "Yeah, that and $2.50 will get me on the Metro."
Jessica: "So you're saying that even if I win the most prestigious award there is, I'm still going to question what I'm doing."
Sarah: "Look. You like theater?"
Jessica: "I love theater. It's everything."
Sarah: "And you're doing theater, right?"
Jessica: "...Yeah."
Sarah: "There's really not more to it than that."

--"The Incredible Jessica James"
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Fan: Some of us struggle to follow our dreams. What's your best advice for us?
Mark: What's my best advice for someone who wants to follow their dreams? Follow your dreams! ...Don't worry so much about the format. If you like to write, write. Don't try to write a book, or a script, just write. Dreams are small things that only become big things if you don't exercise them.

Fan: What's your inspiration for your music?
Mark: You really want to know? It's the telling of stories. All art: music, writing, art, is about connection. Like when I look at you and you smile. It's the audience. Otherwise you're just making music in your bedroom and what's the point of that?

Fan: If you could change one thing about your character's history, what would it be?
Misha: One thing about Castiel's history? His... past? Because it's been pretty shitty. He's always trying to do the right thing--and he tries really hard! That's like an anchor of his character. But when he tries to do the right thing, it invariably leads to creating catastrophe for everyone. So... not meeting Dean, I guess? Head the whole thing off at the pass. But I'll give you a better answer: when Cas got all pop culture references downloaded into his brain. Before that he was innocent. He was just like a fish out of water at all times. But now he understands things. That Metatron really screwed things up.

Fan: If there were a genderbent episode of Supernatural, who would you want to play you?
Misha: First off, every episode of Supernatural is genderbent. If we were doing a genderbending episode of Supernatural, who would play me? Probably Jensen.
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Fun race signs ♥

"Character is not built at the gym."

"The wall does not define your race. You do."

"Are you running so fast your feet are on fire? Because there sure is a lot of smoke around here."
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1) color-changing glowing clouds indoors
2) blue seawheeze bracelet
3) pj party "sleepy af" fleece blankets

eclipse advice from facebook

Aug. 12th, 2017 12:40 am
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Brad's quick guide to photographing a total eclipse:
1) Don't. Nobody has ever taken a photograph of an eclipse that looks like an eclipse. You won't either.
2) Don't. Don't spend time photographing which you could spend watching. It's only 2 minutes.
--Brad Templeton

I looked over a 20 year old photo album from my childhood, and discovered that the nature shots were relatively boring while the shots of my family from 20 years ago were fascinating. Thus, I've endeavored to get myself into a lot more vacation photos.
--Matt Bell

Here's an old idea: The earth is probably very rare in the sense that the moon is exactly 400 times smaller than the sun, but also exactly 400 times closer. So the one exactly covers the other (yes, the earth and the moon both travel on elliptical orbits, not circular, and sometimes the moon is "too far" and you get an annular eclipse). Nevertheless, the earth may be the only planet for many hundreds of light years which experiences the total solar eclipse as we know it. So some visitors may travel far... very far... to come to earth and observe this rare cosmic coincidence. Look around you during the eclipse... and notice if there is anything strange about some of the "tourists."
--Creon Levit

"safe travels new hampshire!"

Aug. 10th, 2017 10:59 pm
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1) Tim Hortons
2) Champagne Illinois
3) waterfalls and chair lifts

(no subject)

Aug. 10th, 2017 01:25 am
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1) empty middle seat on a plane
2) orange juice
3) orange moon
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Also, I'm thinking of writing. On the plane. That's never gone well for me; traditionally I have better luck in airports than on the planes themselves. But there's a first time for everything, and [ profile] de_Duchess left a comment on Taylor and the Key that made me think, ME TOO. "I hoped they'd work it out." So I'm going to write about Eric talking to Wes about Taylor. (Ha ha ha.)

The point is, if you can leave me an exceptionally specific prompt in the next 12 to 14 hours, I will endeavor to trick my brain into writing about it tomorrow evening. For science.

1) It might help if it's something I've written about before, but then again, it might not. I have no idea.
2) Seriously, super specific. It can't be too specific. Or if it can, I want to know how, so try. (Write the whole story for me. It's done! Hooray!)

If you don't leave me a super specific prompt, and I do indeed trick my brain into writing, I can only assume that Eric and Wes are going to have the longest conversation ever. Maybe with Jen. Maybe with anyone who wanders by. Do the Silver Guardians have a cafeteria? They must. They're going to have this conversation in the cafeteria, and everyone who wanders by will offer an opinion on Eric's love life. It'll be a good time.

except for the gender bias

Aug. 8th, 2017 11:40 pm
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I'm downloading fic to read on the plane, and I saved Alles hat ein Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei by [ profile] Darksknight. My favorite part is the tag "No Proofreading We Die Like Men." I approve.

"easter bunny, hop hop hop!"

Aug. 6th, 2017 11:16 pm
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1) seawheeze meditation after every yoga session
2) supernatural fam organizing buttons, wristbands and tea lights
3) people still writing about rise of the guardians

(no subject)

Aug. 2nd, 2017 10:49 pm
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1) scheduling things that are important
2) looking at running scrapbooks
3) listening to songs that are old now again
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